Contemporary Home in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Receives Boston Society of Architects Honor Award for Design Excellence

Evergreen Gallery, the contemporary home we built in Lincoln, Massachusetts, received an Honor Award for Design Excellence at the Boston Society of Architects 2010 Design Awards. The jury reviewed 63 projects from throughout New England and New York. Most of the projects submitted were contemporary homes with open floor plans and large windows that let in daylight and took advantage of the view.

The submissions were reviewed over the course of a single day. Gradually, members of the jury turned their focus to just ten projects, each of which stood out as an example of beautiful design that elicited an emotional response, challenged the senses or inspired the imagination.

A Compelling and Gorgeous Contemporary Home

Designed by Andrew Cohen Architects, now ACTWO Architects, this contemporary home is well-integrated with its more rustic surroundings. Even the many exterior spaces feel like they are a part of the home, a feature the jury especially appreciated.

“Compelling and gorgeous, even the exterior spaces feel interiorized. The interiors are rich but not opulent or overwrought.”

In its public comments, the jury referred to the home as “compelling and gorgeous” and noted the sensitive use of finishes, including bamboo flooring, wool carpeting and FSC-certified harvested hardwood stairs and wall panels. Although there was some discussion about whether the home was just too complicated, at the end of the day, they reached a unanimous verdict:

“Ultimately, we agreed that this was one of the most ambitious and remarkable houses that we saw during our day together, and we loved it.”

Building an award-winning home is a team effort. In addition to Andrew Cohen Architects, the design team included C2 Studio, Richmond So Engineers, Allied Consulting Engineering Services, and the BSC Group. Of course, the opportunity to build such a breathtaking design would never have been possible without the vision, daring and involvement of the homeowner, Deborah Hawkins.