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Management Team

A Shared Work Ethic and Collaborative Approach

Jonathan Merz

“This type of work depends on good communication. We are the bridge between our client’s wishes and the architect’s design intent.” 
Jonathan Merz has worked as a custom builder, restoring, renovating and constructing thoughtfully designed spaces, for more than 30 years. Prior to starting Merz Construction in 1986, Jonathan was a professional boatbuilder and gained extensive experience in architectural millwork and finish carpentry. Today, we are respected for the quality craftsmanship of the high-end residential homes we build. Jonathan’s deep understanding of each element involved in residential construction, reverence for New England’s vernacular architecture and passion for the challenges posed by more contemporary styles underpin our focus on building custom homes. A master craftsman, Jonathan is actively involved in every project while managing a talented team of project managers, site supervisors, carpenters and operations staff.
Jonathan Merz

Matthew Hurley

“I really enjoy working with our dedicated and talented crew. Each of us is committed to giving our clients the best possible custom home we can build—and that’s very fulfilling.” 
Senior Site Supervisor
Matthew Hurley is a 30-year veteran of the construction industry and has worked for several custom builders. He has been with Merz Construction for nearly two decades, moving through the ranks from carpenter to senior site supervisor. A detail-oriented planner, Matthew has been involved with bringing many of our projects to fruition. But his work continues beyond the construction phase as he helps our clients ensure that their homes are properly maintained. Over the years, he has played a valuable role in helping us launch our maintenance division and developing many of the processes and procedures we use today. Although process-oriented, Matthew also studied art and photography. Today, he finds that his creative background informs his eye for detail and design.

Jason LeRocque

“We have our customers’ best interests at heart. When they hire us, we become part of their family and we want them to feel comfortable with that. We want them to have the confidence that they can trust us to deliver the best product.” 
Site Supervisor
Jason LeRocque became certified in electrical work in high school, but always spent his summers working in construction. With 23 years’ construction experience under his belt, he has developed a keen eye for detail that makes a big difference. Analytical by nature, Jason is as skilled at completing takeoffs as he is at framing a house or managing a team. Everything he does is designed to move the project forward, so he can ultimately step back and appreciate the finished product. Jason is passionate about what he does and regularly volunteers his building skills through his church. He and his wife have helped rebuild homes in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and in other places where natural disasters have displaced homeowners.
Jason LeRoque

Dan Roberts

“One of my personal challenges is to always try to beat a deadline. I like to stay one step ahead.” 
Site Supervisor
Dan Roberts has been working in construction for over 30 years. From the time he was in high school, he knew that he would make building his lifelong career. Over the course of his career, he has worked for a variety of construction companies, including large-scale developers and commercial builders. Because of his experience, Dan can jump into any project at any time and get the job done. Dan has a special fondness for building modern homes, which frequently require us to use old materials and methods in new ways. Enthusiastic and motivated, he is as excited as the homeowners are about the projects he works on.
Dan Roberts

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